The Green Pipe Sydney - Recycled Plastic Technology

ABOUT The Green Pipe Sydney

The Green Pipe drainage product is widely recognized as a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for low-pressure drainage systems.

The Green Pipe is manufactured in 6mtr standard lengths, is available in 6 different diameters 250, 300, 375, 450, 525 and 600mm and comes with a standard bell and spigot “O” ring joining system. Ease of handling solves many difficult access issues and at the same time reduces machinery requirements and installation time. The fully installed and lifecycle cost is lower than comparable products for most applications.

The Green Pipe is tough. Even the highest level of acidic or alkali soils have no effect on it so that once installed it will last indefinitely. It is easily cut with a chainsaw, circular saw or angle grinder for easy on-site fabrication, and also for making custom and standard fittings available such as elbows, T’s etc at very competitive pricing.

The Green Pipe Sydney are NSW distributors for Recycled Plastic Technology (RPT) Pty. We provide products that are:

  • Australian made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic
  • Non Toxic – Environmentally safe – No leaching
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to install - Reduced machinery & labour costs
  • Easy to cut & weld
  • Indefinite life underground
  • Drainage & Stormwater systems
  • Ideal for Culverts & Crossings
  • On-farm water management
  • Irrigation systems
  • Better control of water resources
The Green Pipe Sydney recucled plastic process