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Culverts & Crossings

  • Installed correctly The Green Pipe will carry all legal loads
  • Inert to acid or saline soils so withstands the harshest conditions
  • Cut to required length with conventional wood tools
  • 6 metres with bell mouth allows easy extension
  • Combined with an RPT Headwall The Green Pipe makes the complete Culvert

Winged Headwalls

Headwalls offer major cost savings through their competitive pricing and ease of handling which minimises OH&S issues, labour and machinery costs.

  • Rigid & Tough, yet Lightweight (60 kg)
  • Fitted with a 75mm front lip for stabilisation and to minimise washout.
  • With in-built star picket lugs for additional stabilisation.
  • One Headwall will fit from 250mm to 450mm Culvert Pipes.
  • Standard 250mm “Green Pipe” hole and indents for larger sizes.
  • The Ease of cutting allows fitting to alternative pipes.

Winged Headwalls

Winged Headwalls

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