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Below are quick answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can you cut RPT Green Pipes?

YES: RPT pipes can easily be cut using a chain or circular saw and finished with an angle grinder or plane.

We recommend that you use tungsten tipped chain or saw blades if you are planning numerous cuts, this will ensure maximum life and minimum maintenance of your chosen cutting tool.

You can cut the pipes to any desired angle and unlike many other plastic pipes, even cut in half; they will retain their shape.

Can you weld RPT Green Pipes?

YES: RPT pipes can be welded the same as black poly pipes using a butt, fusion weld or a slug-welding gun that provides a bead of Polyethylene to join the two sections of pipe.

Are RPT Green Pipes strong enough for use as culverts or crossovers?

YES: There are currently thousands of RPT pipes in field operation as crossings and culverts. As long as they are installed correctly (see our installation sheet) we have never had a failure in the field of a pipe used for these purposes.

Do RPT Green Pipes fit headwalls?

YES: RPT has two (2) different sized headwalls to suit all applications. They are priced at an extremely competitive rate.

How do I handle RPT Green Pipes?

The recommended handling procedure for RPT pipes is to treat them as you would a PVC or concrete pipe with the obvious advantage being in the case of the latter that you do not, in most cases, require machinery to load, unload or place in situ.

For transportation we recommend that The Green Pipe be forklifted on and off transport vehicles to ensure maximum satisfaction and structural integrity.

Large bore pipes should always be moved with equipment to avoid possibility of injury to personnel.

For maximum life and satisfaction do not drop RPT pipes.

How do I join RPT Green Pipes?

EASILY: RPT have provided numerous options for its clients in respect of joining and creation of longer pipelines including bell-mouths, rubber joining sleeves and welding.

RPT pipes come in a standard 6-metre length with bell–mouth at one end and an ‘O’ ring seal (separate purchase) for easy assembly.

How long will a RPT Green Pipe last?

INDEFINITELY: Although RPT pipes have UV protection we strongly recommend that for maximum life the pipes be laid underground.

Once underground, acid or saline soils or even the harshest bore water does not affect Green Pipes. If installed correctly they should never need replacing in normal use.

Does The Green Pipe come with Warrenty?

Yes, Subject to the end user satisfactorily demonstrating that the pipe failure has occurred despite recommended correct installation and service within a period of 2 years from the date of sale Recycled Plastic Technology will supply replacement pipe to site or provide equivalent credit.


If you require any further information or have a question not covered above, please contact us. We guarantee prompt response to all enquires.


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